Pest Control Services

No Contracts

No fine print to be read in search of hidden fees, all of our pricing is straight forward and transparent.

Special Events

Weddings, birthday parties, barbecues, you name it, and we’ll protect your yard and guests from those unwanted pests!

Garden Pest Control

Love to garden? Let us help you protect yours from unwanted animals and insects with our organic sprays and garden safe pesticides. Don’t worry, your honeybees and pollinators won’t be harmed in the process. We know the vital role they play in the ecosystem and want them to stick around too! 

Flea,s. Ticks., &Ants.

With our granular applications we can stop those creepy crawlies from entering your yard

wasps and hornets

Nest out of reach? Give us a call and we’ll get our bucket truck team out there to remove it. 

Call 508.205.9624

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