Packages and Treatments

Traditional Pesticide Season Package: 

  • Kills Mosquitos & Ticks
  • Treatments every 3 weeks

100% Organic Season Package: 

  • Repels Mosquitos & Kills Ticks
  • Treatments every 11-14 days

Add-on Services:

Granular Treatments:

  • Perimeter and Whole Yard Granular treatments : Stops ticks, fleas, and ants dead in their tracks. Helps protect children and pets that enjoy playing outside, as well as preventing insects from coming in the home. (Lasts 2-3 months) 

  • Natural Biological Larvicide: Used in areas around the home known to be wet or often having standing water. Helps eliminate mosquitoes and black flies in their larval stage. (Reapplication every 2-4 weeks depending on weather conditions)

  • Organic Flea & Tick Control: Great option for killing fleas, ticks, ants, and many other insects. Can be spread throughout the entire yard, perimeter, and even in the home! 

*Pricing dependent on application type and size​ of area to be treated​



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